When Should You Hire The Services Of An Employment Attorney? Find Out

Posted on: 13 November 2020

Employment law is there to make sure that the workplace is safe, fair, and just for all employees regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, and all other differences. The law allows anyone who feels that they were discriminated against to pursue justice and get compensated for any damages they might have suffered in the process. 

One way to handle an employment law issue is to start by hiring an employment lawyer. They will look at the circumstances of your case and decide whether you have a legitimate claim or not. Here are four instances when you will need the services of an employment lawyer.

If Your Job Description Has Been Misclassified

There is a difference between a permanent employee and an independent contractor. The permanent employee will get benefits such as health insurance and are part of the workers' compensation scheme. They are also entitled to raises and other bonuses. 

If your employer classifies you as an independent contractor, it means that you are not entitled to some of these benefits. If, in the initial agreement, they promised that the job was a permanent position, get an employment lawyer and start seeking a resolution.

If Your Employer Hasn't Accommodated Your Disability Status

If you are a disabled person, your employer should make the changes necessary to accommodate you at the workplace. These include ramps if you use a wheelchair, tactile signs, parking spots, and others. 

If your employer has shown a blatant disregard for this law, and you are being inconvenienced as a result, an employment lawyer can help you reach a resolution.

If Your Employer Did Not Ask You to Sign a Release After Terminating You

Generally, employers obtain a release for you in exchange for severance settlements. If your former employer terminated you and did not get the release, they may be avoiding paying your severance payments. You can find an employment lawyer to help you get your terminal benefits.

If Your Employer Exposed Your Personal Information

Another common issue in employment law is when there is an information breach. This can compromise your safety or business opportunities. If they have exposed your trade secrets and advertising practices, they will also cause you huge losses. Hire a lawyer to handle the damages to get your legal redress.

These are issues that can be addressed by a competent employment lawyer. The most important thing is to hire a lawyer who has worked in employment law to handle the process for a favorable outcome. Contact an employment lawyer for more information.


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